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The staff at Dominion Construction Partners posses an eclectic mix of specialties ranging from small, build-out projects to multi-million dollar, ground-up builds. We understand what it takes to get a project to permit and having it built on schedule and on budget.


Perhaps the most critical factor for a new start-up or expanding business is the financial planning for their project. Accuracy is so important, even in the early stages, and we have found that accuracy goes hand-in-hand with a thorough and complete evaluation.

Dominion Construction Partners believes that the best way to protect yourself is to thoroughly conduct your due diligence, and to flush out your project scope in as much detail as possible during the preconstruction phase. Such measures demand the experience our team offers. We can anticipate potential issues and ask the right questions when developing the scope.

We value collaboration with project partners, including the Owner, Architect, Engineers, Subcontractors and other project stakeholders, which leads to the success of our preconstruction process. Budgeting, Cost Estimating, Value Engineering, Constructability reviews, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Site Logistics planning, Scheduling, Material Procurement, Subcontractor Procurement and Safety analysis are the many services we offer to help ensure that once construction starts, the unknown is behind us.

General Contracting

In the world of construction, the buck stops with the General Contractor. At Dominion Construction Partners we embrace that role, taking the position of leadership in projects of all sizes very seriously. For it is the role of the General Contractor to deliver any given project on time and on budget. The difference between the projects that are delivered under those conditions, and those that are not, is the quality of the management team. We do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, and our customers know this, which is why over 80% of our work is from repeat customers.

We prefer to engage a project as early in the process as possible, providing critical feedback during the schematic and even conceptual design phases. This feedback saves our customers time and money in the later phases of the project, which again, is the role of the General Contractor. We pride ourselves on a commanding knowledge of building materials, means, methods and code requirements, all of which are potential pitfalls when it comes to a project’s budget.

As much as we recognize the value that we bring to the table, we know that a General Contractor is only as good as his Subcontractors, which is why we focus on building lasting relationships not only with our customers, but with our Subs as well. Our management team possesses decades of experience in the Virginia construction industry, and over that time we have developed a proud network of seasoned professionals that go out and earn your business every single day. The combined expertise of DCP and our Subs gives us the confidence to tackle even the most unique circumstances that a project may present. Many of those challenges can only be overcome if they are met with a swift determination and unflinching resolve.


At Dominion Construction Partners we take a personal approach to the design-build process. We tailor the process around your vision, budget and schedule. We encourage constant communication to discuss the particulars of the business, develop a program based on the anticipated activities of the project, and use that to then begin project planning.

Clients who are in the process of selecting new space have found this service very helpful. We have direct access to a large network of commercial real estate brokers and their property portfolios. We rely on the diverse expertise of our team members, which include backgrounds in architectural design, to ask the right questions and make recommendations that are in the best interest of the client.

Luckily, we have built great relationships with some of the most reputable architecture firms in the area, which has helped further streamline this process. We prefer a more collaborative and efficient method of working directly with the Architect and our MEPF (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection) Subcontractors to achieve project success.

Dominion Construction Partners

We lead projects from concept to finish as a trusted advisor and industry expert. We are your partner in construction.

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