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Park Sterling Bank
(Formerly First Capital Bank)
Office Renovation

Project Overview

The bank was in desperate need of a larger board room as well as small meeting spaces. They also wanted to update and improve their lobby and bathrooms. To achieve these goals, a portion of the office layout was reorganized. This yielded a more open floor plan with a larger common space and new, larger boardroom. A few small conference rooms were introduced which greatly improved the company’s productivity as now more meetings could occur simultaneously.

The Lobby

The bank’s desire was to make the lobby feel more like an atrium by opening up the space in order to maximize sunlight brought in by the curtain-glass windows. This was achieved by exposing the staircase, a move that in and of itself added a grandeur to the entrance lobby of the office. This newfound grandeur was further emphasized by the use of high-end reflective materials, which also enhance the lighting of the space by bouncing sunlight into every nook and corner.

The bank was thrilled with the end result. The final product granted them a more efficient office environment, more productive employees, and a beautiful front-office area they proudly present to their clients.

Take A Look

  • First Floor Elevator
  • Stairway
  • Stairway
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