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West Coast Provisions
New Restaurant Construction

Dominion Construction Partners Helps Popular Restaurant Grow West

Dominion Construction Partners (DCP) continues to lead the way in helping local restaurants expand into the Short Pump area. This time the partner is West Coast Provisions, a west coast-influenced seafood restaurant with an oyster bar, sushi and hand-cut steaks. This location represents the “western” expansion of the popular Carytown restaurant, East Coast Provisions.

Owned by Richmond Restaurant Group, the new West Coast Provisions marks another successful foray into the fast-developing GreenGate community. With its exposed ductwork, reclaimed wood, and industrial-modern aesthetic, the new space is the perfect fit for GreenGate’s live/work/play vibe. It’s very retro and modern at the same time.

DCP’s goal with this project — as with all the projects we have created for Richmond Restaurant Group — is to create memorable places. To do that, we worked closely with the project architect and designer to value-engineer every aspect of the new space. Our expertise here allows the client to get a high-impact, memorable space while staying within budget — especially important given the tight profit margins in the restaurant business.

Project Highlights

  • Long-term relationship builds on success. DCP has been partnering with Richmond Restaurant Group since 2008. For more than 10 years now, we’ve created memorable places together. Our success as partners has been built on our deep understanding of the client’s business, our acute attention to detail, and our commitment to value-engineering each project to stay on budget.
  • From bare dirt to fully-functioning restaurant. GreenGate is a new live/work/play community in Richmond’s Short Pump area. Where farmers harvested crops just a few years ago, now a vibrant neighborhood is rising. DCP used our vast experience in restaurant construction to streamline the building process. We worked closely with architects and designers to build a space that’s ready to welcome eager diners.
  • Translating “urban vibe” to new suburban neighborhoods. One of the big attractions of West Coast Provision’s new community is its “walkability.” Residents and visitors alike are drawn to GreenGate for the same reasons they appreciate Richmond’s funkier neighborhoods like Carytown and Shockoe Bottom. Therefore, DCP worked very hard to create a space with exposed ductwork, old brick, reclaimed wood and colorful banquettes.

Take A Look

  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions four.
    Restaurant Exterior
  • Greeting Station
  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions five.
  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions one.
    Restaurant Floor
  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions two.
    Restaurant Floor
  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions three.
  • Dominion Construction Partners West Coast Provisions six.

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