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Anchor Financial
New Office Space Construction

DCP Completes Three Story Remodel with New Headquarters for Anchor Financial

Bringing Outdated Office Space to Exceed Modern Expectations

In early 2019, DCP — Dominion Construction Partners — was called in to completely renovate three floors of office space to create Anchor Financial’s new corporate headquarters. The space needed to be completely gutted and updated to meet current standards and reflect the client’s brand.

Expectations of “Class A” office space have changed significantly since the building was originally constructed, and this building far exceeds expectations. Located at 5309 Commonwealth Center Parkway, this building is now poised to attract world-class clients with open concept work zones and collaboration areas. These more efficient work spaces are increasingly important to businesses. Since potential clients are comparing this space to office space in DC and Atlanta, Anchor Financial’s expectations for the new space are exceptionally high.
Every aspect of the building has been reimagined to promote collaboration and flexibility. As part of the upgrade, the Break Room Suite features conversation pods, full coffee service, and recreation space. Flex Spaces throughout the building allow staff to focus on individual tasks or hold impromptu meetings without being disturbed.

Sustainability is also a key part of this upgrade. All lighting is LED, with all new lighting controls designed to maximize efficiency. The building is also completely rewired, for better efficiency, to accommodate technology advances and to facilitate increased use of media. Where possible, existing finishes have been repurposed and combined with upgraded fixtures and finishes to accomplish the project goals.

Custom Finishes & Fixtures

A hallmark of 5309 Commonwealth Center Parkway is the custom finishes and art installations throughout the building. Working closely with the architect, DCP has been able to bring an exceptional amount of detailed craftsmanship to the project.

  • Fine Craftsmanship. The most prominent example of this collaboration between architect and builder is in the Anchor Financial lobby. The ceiling consists of an art installation of hundreds of meticulously mitered light baffles creates a masterful first impression. This show-stopping installation started with a sketch provided by the architect. From there, craftsmen began their creative work. In addition to custom-mitering hundreds of joints, the installers also had to accommodate lighting, HVAC vents, and other openings.
  • Lighting as Fine Art. In the main atrium, the unique, custom-crafted linear lighting sets a sleek, modern tone for the entire space. Lighting tubes suspended from thin filaments create a lasting, one-of-a-kind impression. Each individual light was hand-crafted and individually hung for maximum impact.
  • Custom Woodwork. The building also features custom woodwork throughout. DCP took the architect’s specified finishes as inspiration to create finely paneled surfaces. Woodgrains are carefully matched, and where different wood species are required, custom stain mixes unify the finishes.

Three Floors of High End Finishes

Throughout the building, sleek finishes with black accents and trim combine with warm wood accents.

  • Exceptional Client Spaces. The first floor houses the client-facing spaces — lobbies, reception areas, and conference rooms. Artisan-quality custom finishes are especially important in these spaces. Anchor Financial competes for clients on a national scale. While they have chosen Richmond for their headquarters, it is imperative that their offices reflect the world-class expectations of their clients.
  • Innovative Employee Hub. The second floor serves as the main employee hub. Open concept workspaces combine with flex space to foster dynamic working conditions. This is also where the Break Room Suite is located. The Break Room Suite combines cozy booths and comfortable lounge seating with a full Barista station and recreation zone.
  • World Class Executive Spaces. Executive Suites are all located on the third floor. Because these are frequently client-facing spaces, fixtures and finishes are extraordinary. By working closely with the architect on custom finishes, DCP has created offices, suites, and meeting spaces that are equal to those found in any world-class city.

DCP is able to provide all the resources needed, thanks to their vast resource network. This same network allowed DCP to manage unexpected events without hurting the construction timeline or budget.
Office Space as Brand Identity

Anchor Financial is an innovative, forward-thinking company, and it is imperative that their signature building enhance their brand.

Branding starts with the use of Anchor Financial’s logo as a design element in elevators, on carpeting, and other signature surfaces. And like all good branding efforts, the brand experience extends far beyond the logo.

  • Modern Design for a Modern Organization. Instead of the “brass and mahogany” finishes that might be expected for a financial advisor firm, 5309 Commonwealth Parkway is light filled, with sleek black accents and warm wood feature elements.
  • Design Promotes Personal Approach. Custom paneling and trim in a contemporary grid design is used to highlight informal meeting spaces, conversation nooks, and relaxation areas. These collaborative spaces highlight Anchor Financial’s deeply personal approach to financial advice, as well as its innovative team approach.
  • Holistic Financial Advising Reflected in Glass and Wood. Elements as simple as clear glass walls in offices and meeting areas enhance corporate values of transparency and openness, supporting the holistic approach to financial advising that is at the center of Anchor Financial’s brand.
  • Innovation and Craftsmanship. Throughout the space, custom, handcrafted light installations reflect Anchor Financial’s commitment to an innovative and forward-thinking approach to financial advice. The lighting is also incorporated into custom ceiling treatments. Highly complex, masterfully crafted ceiling grids reinforce Anchor Financial’s attention to detail and ability to help clients navigate complex financial data.

Complex Project Management Requires Constant Coordination

The scope of work at 5309 Commonwealth Parkway demanded an extraordinary degree of logistical coordination. In particular, DCP was in constant communication with the owner’s Project Manager, Cushman & Wakefield/Thalhimer, and the architect/design team at Baskervill to keep the project moving smoothly. Even more important, DCP scheduled frequent meetings with the client, Anchor Financial, and the full team to determine best solutions at each stage of construction.

  • Complex Workflow Within Tight Timeframe. Custom fixtures and handcrafted finishes require longer lead time. In order to complete the work within the four-month timeframe, workflow organization needs to be extremely detailed. In spite of all the custom work, the project needed to be completed on time. DCP crews worked weekends and overtime to accommodate the additional work that renovating existing space requires.
  • Update Electrical Systems for Upgraded Technology. Rewiring and upgrading the building is another area that required particular expertise. In addition to being outdated, the existing wiring had been modified over the years in a very unorganized fashion. The first time DCP electricians inspected the main wiring junction, they found a confused jumble of wiring that all needed to be replaced.
  • Fully-Wired Offices Require Creative Solutions. In order to bring the wiring to current standards, the team had to cut new trenches in the slabs. These trenches allow for fully wired conference tables, conference and media systems.

At every step of the renovation, DCP’s flexible, problem-solving approach to construction and buildout allowed the client to achieve their goals with 5309 Commonwealth Parkway. DCP was able to complete the total build-out within the four-month timeframe because we have the resources, subcontractors, skilled craftsmen, and experienced job superintendents to take a project from architect’s drawings to fully-realized space.

Architect: Baskervill

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